Frequent questions

Do I need to buy the reel?

It is not mandatory to purchase a reel. The benefits of SAC GYM can be enjoyed without the need for a turnstile, but this device represents the most complete and automated solution for managing gym processes. With the installation of a turnstile that restricts access to delinquent members, those in this situation will have to approach the administration to regularize their status before being able to enter the gym. This automation of the process becomes a highly recommended option, although it is not essential for the basic operation of SAC GYM.

How can I delete fingerprints in SAC GYM?

How to know if the connection problem with the fingerprint device is a network problem?

The device and SAC GYM have two means of communication. When they want to capture a fingerprint, SAC GYM sends a request to the device to take the fingerprint. If this does not occur, the connection is considered disconnected. Additionally, when the device registers a fingerprint for assistance, it sends it to SAC GYM. If SAC GYM does not receive this information, the connection is also considered disconnected.

Additionally, it is important to note that the foot icon will display red if you cannot establish a connection within a 30-second period. This problem is usually related to network issues and requires the intervention of a PC technician for proper configuration.

Why do I get a red cross and say “invalid time period” on the fingerprint reader when my partners try to enter?

  • The device is configured with schedules that must be cleared to ensure proper operation of the reader.
  • If the reader recognizes a person, but displays a red cross, this could be because the person is recording attendance through a turnstile at SAC GYM. In these cases, the devices show the name in red and do not send assistance to SAC GYM. This is the way these devices work, although it is not the ideal solution, it is important to understand this dynamic and live with it.

How to configure fingerprint devices?

How to install SAC GYM?

What do we do if the app couldn't install itself?

The reason for this is that the PC does not meet the essential requirements for the installation of SAC GYM. When installing SAC GYM, two additional components are required: the Framework 3.5 and the SQL Server 2008 database. Both elements are integral parts of Windows, but, due to an efficient installation policy, Windows includes only the minimum necessary in its version standard. As a result, these additional components may not be available on all computers, which may prevent the installation of SAC GYM.

Do you sell the turnstile and fingerprint devices?

No, at Sac Gym we do not have fingerprint devices or turnstiles for direct sale, but we will be happy to put you in contact with our suppliers if you are interested in purchasing these products. We are here to help you find the solution you need!

How to backup the database?

How to use the dividing screen?

Do I need two screens?

We have observed that members who are informed and aware of their status tend to make their payments on time. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use a second screen that allows them to verify their situation each time they register their attendance. In this way, a significant improvement in the income flow of the business can be expected.

Can I suspend the service whenever I want?

If you wish to suspend service, we ask that you email us 15 days prior to your billing date so that you are not charged for an additional month. It is a simple and quick procedure.

What are the minimum requirements to install SAC GYM?

To use SAC GYM with all its functionalities, the minimum requirements are:

  • A PC with Windows 7 Service Pack 3 (2009) or higher.
  • WebCam (for facial recognition).
  • Internet connection.

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