Software for gyms of all types and sizes

With SAC GYM all your members pay on time automatically.

SAC GYM adapts to all sizes of gyms

At some point, the growth of your gym will make its manual management unsustainable.

With our experience working with over 50 partners, you can already consider our AI solution a necessity, even if you operate a smaller gym.

At SAC Gym, we are prepared to serve gyms of all sizes, and we seek to collaborate with those who are willing to invest in technology to significantly improve their finances and cash flow management, as we understand that cash flow is vital for the health of any company.

That is why we extend our hand to entrepreneurs who own gyms, regardless of whether they are small, medium or large, as long as they value the effectiveness of our solution.

Boost your Gym with SAC Gym: Satisfied Members and Balanced Finances


Two financial tools to achieve the same result acquire sac gym

Monthly license

U$S 0.10

Per active customer per month

Low barrier entry and exit pay per use

Permanent license


for only this time

You pay only once with no fixed costs

Testimony from our clients

Spartan GYM
Buenos aires

Spartan Gym, located in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, we have experienced an extraordinary transformation since we incorporated SAC Gym as our management software. The difference has been notable: thanks to SAC Gym, we have managed to ensure that our clients make their payments on time, eliminating the constant need for reminders. This improvement has had a significant impact on our financial efficiency.​

Work out Gym

At Workout, our gym specializing in CrossFit and functional training, we were facing a considerable challenge. Being the only instructor at the gym, I found it difficult to charge people who arrived in the middle of class, resulting in constantly late payments. The arrival of SAC Gym to our daily routine has been a revolutionary change.
This software has effectively solved the problem we were facing. Now, every time a member enters the gym, the SAC Gym system automatically takes care of managing the payment process through screen and sound

Power gym

As manager of Power Gym in Madrid, I want to express my complete satisfaction with the ease and efficiency that SAC Gym has brought to our daily operation. The ability to manage collections, document payments, as well as track the attendance of members and employees, has been essential to completely organize our gym.

With SAC Gym, we have managed to establish an organized and efficient system that guarantees that no member goes a single day without making their payment. The tool greatly simplifies financial and administrative management, freeing us from tedious tasks so we can focus on providing the best possible experience to our partners.

Frequent questions

What are the minimum installation requirements?

To use SAC GYM with all its functionalities, the minimum requirements are:

If I want to unsubscribe, how do I do it?

An email is sent to 15 days before the next billing date and you cancel. Simple and easy.

Do I need to buy the reel?

It is not necessary to buy the reel, the benefits of SAC GYM will be seen without the need for a reel, but it is the most complete solution with the highest degree of automation of gym processes. With the turnstile preventing access by delinquent partners, they must approach the administration to regularize their situation in order to pass and the automation of the process will be complete. It is the most recommended but not necessary for operation.

What is the best way to control access through fingerprints, facial recognition or ID?

Control through the person’s DNI or identity document is the easiest option to implement, economical and without limits on the number of users. You only need a numeric keypad for SAC GYM to efficiently organize access to your gym. This option is perfect for gyms with a membership range of 1 to 200.

Control using facial recognition is the most technologically advanced option. SAC GYM uses artificial intelligence developed by us, which allows it to learn and recognize people more quickly. However, this modality requires a powerful computer and a webcam. It is the ideal solution for those who have a modern and efficient PC and have a number of members ranging from 1 to 100.

The fingerprint control option is the optimal choice. Although it implies an additional cost for the device, we facilitate its acquisition at competitive prices and with a guarantee. Your members will not need to bring keychains or any additional items to the gym, and access is fast and accurate, since our devices are highly reliable. This modality is perfectly suited to gyms with a membership range of 1 to 1,000, and you can even incorporate turnstiles with fingerprint readers if you wish.

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